Local Locksmith website and 3D assets

by | Sep 26, 2022 | 3D, Design, Graphic Design, Web | 0 comments

I recently got to work on a local locksmith website (starlocksmiths.co.uk). If I find an excuse to put in a little 3D graphics, I will.

I started work on creating some locks, keys, and stars as their name is Star Locksmiths. They already had a star they liked and wanted to incorporate, so I quickly turned it into a 3D model so I could use it with other 3D elements.

What was my goal with the 3D graphics? Well, they are modern and quite popular at the moment. Plus, it differentiates the brand from the other locksmiths in the area. They are also friendly in a playful way, helping to convey the friendly aspect of the business. I didn’t want the prospect of calling the locksmith to be daunting but inviting.

Key render


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