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Recently I helped with the Ruislip Lido website. The Hillingdon website had been taken down and was being migrated to a new platform, and in the interim, it was hard to find much of the information that people may need. The idea was simply to consolidate a lot of the information that exists and make it easier to find in one place.

Then once we have added the basics, we have a good platform to build upon, adding to the existing information. The website is community-focused, and we added content based on feedback, and what was deemed to be helpful.

Logo Design

The initial logo design was intended to capture the playful, family spirit that the Lido now portrays – with family-friendly beach, and play areas. We decided to incorporate what the Lido is known for – beach and water.

Custom Icons

The custom icon set was used to denote each section of the website and the lido, so you knew what the current page was about. We included trees icon to signify Ruislip Woods and nature. The pirate ship represents the play areas which include a pirate ship, the train icon, and the beach and lido itself.


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