steam punk train textured with cycles metal material

Revisiting the Train with Materials in Blender Cycles

This is a small update about the train that I had made before. I found it pretty fun to work on all the aspects of the train – I do enjoy a bit of steam punk for sure. But then as I started working on the detail it became more and more laborious. I am not a plumber, engineer or train aficionado. I had to reference the mechanics of the steam engine and the way the wheels are driven by the steam engine itself.

Needless to say I got a little bored and need to go back to it so I can finish it off. However I did decide to to add a bit of texture and materials to see what it would look like. It also coincided with a nice little find on Blendernation about a nice metal material that had been created. So, being in a particularly lazy mood, rather than trying to make a material from scratch, I downloaded this one to have a play.

I love me some materials and am always on the lookout for tips or actual materials to download. I created a whole load of plastic materials for some plastic crates and metal materials to help out a local plumber in Ealing with some ideas for help guides and tutorials. So I need a great selection of materials for various projects I work on. Sometimes I like to create them from scratch and sometimes I look for great materials that are available online.

If you are looking for helpful tutorials on making materials for Blender3D then check out BlenderGuru and Blendernation for great resources.

If you don’t have access to a plumber or an engineer, as most people probably don’t, then use reference images and searches to find how parts of steam engines work or link together. It can only help you improve if you understand why something is there or how something works with something else.

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