3D Snowglobe for Pluscrates Christmas Card 2018

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Yes yes, it’s June, but I thought I should add last years Christmas card that we produced for Pluscrates crate hire, as I think it is pretty cute.

When we first started brainstorming ideas for the Christmas card for Pluscrates, we wanted to try something a bit different. Traditional, but not too cliché.

Add to that the fact we have already produced many Christmas cards for Pluscrates over the years, so we didn’t really want to repeat ourselves.

I love having the opportunity to use 3D in my paid assignments, so when I was brainstorming the idea, I kept coming back to a cute little Christmas village. My college kept coming back to a snowglobe, or originally a bauble on the tree.

We decided to merge the two together and create a nice little scene, with a Santa workshop style building, and a Pluscrates truck delivering plastic crates outside.

As is usually the case with marketing materials, they want to convey a brand awareness, but I really wanted the story to be subtle, and not too on the nose.

The idea that Santa may even use crates to distribute his toys.

As per usual with my 3D modelling work, I primarily used Blender 3D. I even got to use the EEVEE renderer for the first time on a project. I was quite amazed at how good and how fast the renderer was.

The process used basic modelling, as well as sculpting within blender to quickly create some of the more organic shapes such as the snow or the Christmas trees.

I hope you like it.


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